Buy and sell stablecoins P2P. No fees!

Earn as much as $150/week, helping everyday people buy and sell USD stablecoins needed for payments, remittance, savings, and investments.

Become a Cashramp Agent

What is Cashramp?

Cashramp is a continent-wide network of P2P agents providing everyday Africans and businesses with quick, safe, and simple buying and selling of USD stablecoins.

As a Cashramp agent, you will give everyday people and businesses in your country access to stablecoins for either payments, remittance, savings, or investments.


Why become an agent?

  • Foster opportunities for your community

    Connect your local community to the global economic opportunities that easy, safe, and secure access to stablecoins fosters.

  • Make money on your terms

    Sign up in minutes, set your competitive rates, and we'll automatically start sending payment requests your way so you can start earning immediately. There's no cap on your earning potential.

  • Safe, easy, and convenient

    Cashramp is safe, easy, and convenient income earning. You can complete payment requests with verified users in no more than three button clicks!


How Cashramp works

  • 1

    Our trusted agents (like you) will escrow stablecoins (USDT) with us and set up competitive USD - local currency rates

  • 2

    A user trying to deposit will enter how much $ they want to deposit and choose from our list of available agents

  • 3

    After the user confirms that they've successfully sent the correct local currency equivalent to any of the agent's preferred payment methods, and the agent confirms receiving it, the user will get credited

  • 4

    When a user wants to withdraw, we'll pair them with an agent that will send local currency to the user's preferred payment method

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Become a Cashramp Agent

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