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Earn as much as $150/week helping everyday people with safe and easy access to stablecoins for payments, savings, and investments.


What is Cashramp?

Cashramp is a peer-to-peer agent network that enables Africans to make seamless payments across borders.

With Cashramp, Folasade in Lagos, Nigeria, can send money to Moukoko in Douala, Cameroon, and other countries in 5 minutes. It's also how Likuwe in Durban, South Africa, can easily pay for goods from Wangui in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cashramp empowers businesses and individuals across Africa to effortlessly pay and get paid.

How Cashramp works

  • 1

    Agents offer liquidity

    Agents escrow stablecoins with us and set up competitive USD-to-local-currency rates. Agents also indicate how much local currency they have available for payouts.

  • 2

    User initiates payment

    A user trying to deposit/withdraw will enter how much $ they want to transact and which payment method they prefer. Cashramp automatically assigns them an agent.

  • 3

    Agent completes payment

    Agents pay local currency to the user or confirm that they've received the local currency payment a user sent.

  • 4

    User completes payment

    Users confirm that they've received the local currency, and we credit agents with the equivalent escrowed USD. For deposits, we credit users with the equivalent escrowed USD.

Why become an agent?

  • Make money on your terms

    Sign up in minutes, set your competitive rates, and we'll automatically start sending payment requests so you can start earning immediately.

  • No fees, and we pay you

    By becoming a Cashramp agent, you can add a steady and reliable source of income. We charge users a fee, and share a decent piece of it with you as a bonus.

  • Safe, easy, and convenient

    Cashramp offers a safe, easy, and convenient way to earn income. You can complete payment requests with verified users in just three simple clicks!

  • Round-the-clock support

    Anytime, day or night, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that you have the support you need to succeed as an agent.

  • Empower your community

    Cashramp helps you connect your local community to the global economic opportunities that easy, safe, and secure access to stablecoins fosters.

  • Join Africa's stablecoin agent network

    Join our fast growing and vibrant community of agents who are transforming the way money moves across Africa.

Don't just take our word for it

See what our agents are saying

Ken E.

“I love Cashramp because it helps me to be part of an important solution to an unnecessary payment problem in Africa, and I’m proud of that.”

Soni A.

“Working as an agent of Cashramp has been a fantastic experience. The flexibility of being able to work from home has allowed me to balance my personal and professional life while still earning money.”

Franc O.

“Cashramp is the only platform that gives me stable passive income. In addition, I get Agent of the Month appreciation, withdrawal bonus and Credit Line. I love it!”

Rick T.

“Cashramp is the best thing to happen to me since sliced bread. I’ve made N1m+, and I recommend Cashramp to everyone.”

Temi A.

“As an agent, Cashramp has been of help to me. In my first month, I earned over NGN100,000. It's all about consistency.”

Sophi A.

“It’s been a wonderful experience as a Cashramp agent. It has given me the privilege to earn money working from home.”

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